Thriving through apocalypse

So. How do we survive apocalypse? I’m not gonna play around as the white [manly-enough] privileged dude to pretend that I’m the one to tell you the answer to that. And, I’m a psychotherapist, so yeah it is my responsibility to support folks in surviving whatever or whomever is trying to kill them And, I’mContinue reading “Thriving through apocalypse”

Made up of words invented by Shakespeare

Resolve is made up of re (to do again), and solve (to effectively answer a problem) When you’re bumping your gut along the lonely howl of quarantine It’s easy to think this state is fixture – an existence established Nah, let the resolve embrace you Yes, we have to solve the same evils, over andContinue reading “Made up of words invented by Shakespeare”

How to make change while in COVID-19 quarantine

[Some brainstormed ideas in April 2020] Have a conversation in which you learn something and teach something Call a relative or acquaintance w/whom you disagree and tell each other stories Write your own stories. Write about what inspires you, about whom you care about, and what they do that makes you smile Gather insights intoContinue reading “How to make change while in COVID-19 quarantine”

Dialectic Irreverence to Dysphoria

Dialectic: The process of bringing two contradictory truths into synthesis For example, full acceptance, and desire to change Irreverence: Sauciness, disregard of things that are usually taken seriously This poem is called Dialectic Irreverence to Dysphoria (it’s a trans poem about my body) Home for me would be a chest that’s all muscle A bustContinue reading “Dialectic Irreverence to Dysphoria”

Three years after death offered me lollipops soaked in chocolate

I’m reflecting on the experience. When death asked me for a date, it was a dark and rainy night. I was pedaling quick to meet friends, someone driving a big hunk of metal didn’t bother to slow for a look, drove into me, knocked out a few ribs, shook my brain good I was knockedContinue reading “Three years after death offered me lollipops soaked in chocolate”

To the Male Gays / ze

To the Male Gays / ze     Looking for slim to slender, swimmer’s built or ATHLETIC STR8 acting guy      Normal, masculine guy here      XXX, muscular kinky here. Prefer muscular, masculine and athletic non smoker      any normal and masculine guys out there? Looking for some safe fun here      No fats No fems …just XXX XXX that keepContinue reading “To the Male Gays / ze”