The last sound

The last sound I want to hear before I fall asleep

Is AarBear’s low growl snore

the way his dozing face looks like

A 30 year-old toddler

I expect him to be cozying a baby kitten

Or a kangaroo

Or maybe a bear cub

I’ve even checked before

And then he sleepy chuckled

maybe to something happening in the West Wing episode he’s nodding off to

Small smile slightly stretching his lips

I realized he love murmurs in appreciation

to, well, the universe

Loves being alive with all these beings

Lives to appreciate, laugh, comfort, and build

Platforms to hold us up, in whatever way will make it easiest for us to be us,

will reflect our light in dazzling rainbows of dancing shining symphonies

This is so effortless for him

He does it in his sleep


Published by kris gebhard

Kris (pronouns they/them) is a clinical psychologist, poet, percussionist, and gardener currently residing in Chicago, IL.

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