I am passionate about research that can inform interpersonal violence prevention efforts and support survivors of intimate partner violence and transfeminine survivors of hate violence. I study men and masculinities seeking to better understand causes of male violence and how to prevent it. My research suggests that the shame some men experience over failures in masculinity can be a major player in male aggression. The Masculinity and Shame Questionnaire (MASQ) is an assessment of shame-related responses to threats to masculinity; it can be a useful to pair this tool with a general shame assessment such as the Test of Self Conscious Affect (TOSCA) to parse out the ways men tend to respond to personal shortcomings. I am working to get the MASQ available and accessible online. Feel free to email me for more information!
I am also interested in research that will benefit the LGB, queer, and trans communities, especially work on resiliency, community resiliency, and empowerment. I am currently engaged in scholarship on building and maintaining community resilience among communities targeted by state-sanctioned violence — here’s a toolkit on strategies for building community resilience.  I am available to consult with community members on strategies for building our resilience as a cornerstone of work to generate a society free from reliance on destructive forces.

I graduated from the Clinical Psychology PhD program at George Mason University, in Fairfax, VA. I worked with Dr. Lauren Cattaneo in her lab for community REACH.


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Ph.D. Psychology, George Mason University, 2020.

M.A. Psychology, George Mason University, 2016.

B.A. Sociology modified with African and African American Studies, Dartmouth College, 2009.

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