Welcome to Kris Gebhard’s website. As I transitioned into the Clinical Psychology PhD program at George Mason University, I realized that I thrive in and cherish several spheres: academia, activism, and art. I believe my work in each of these places contributes to, and can be shaped by, work in the other areas. I am grateful for the phenomenal mentors and colleagues who bless each of these realms. Thank you.

If you stumbled here seeking to learn more about my professional self, I’m flattered. I appreciate your recognition that each sphere has its own dialects, boundaries, cultures, communities, and purposes. As such, I appreciate your understanding that my activities in activism and art are relevant to my clinical practice only when they do not cross the boundaries of professionalism that I respect and uphold in my professional life.

If you came here looking for poetry, you’re probably familiar with the multiple roles we all have, and the translation we do. Check out my art page!