My artistic passions are percussion, gardening, and performance poetry.

I was cultivated as a musician by countless hours in church, playing piano, singing in choirs, playing drums in the band, and playing original compositions on marimba with my brother. I’ve been playing percussion for 20 years, and have been blessed to play with a variety of ensembles, bands, and percussion groups. I have most experience playing set, congas/bongos, djembe, and marimba, and performance experience playing the following styles: Afro-Cuban jazz, west and central African drum ensemble pieces, funk, singer/songwriter, rock, heavy metal, punk, pop, jazz, and contemporary percussion including marimba. My drum set heart is in funky pop. I am always open to playing with new musicians, and my band is currently searching for a bassist — feel free to contact me! My favorite music demands your soul breathe deeper than you knew it could.

Thanks to mom and dad for raising me in the garden, and making me a veggie elitist for life. I learned about ecosystem management in 2009, when I moved to Bruce Bacon’s Garden Farme in Ramsey, MN. After interning for a few months, I began co-managing the restaurant sales. For a season, I co-managed roughly 3 acres of land and sold about 1500 pounds of produce a week to 25 restaurants in Minneapolis/St. Paul. We tripled the gross income from the previous season.  However, farm labor is not covered by labor laws in the U.S., and so despite our incredible success (and delightfully full stomachs), I could not make enough income to pay my student loans. I had to move into town to get a job. For the next few years I worked part time for Lisa Ringer, managing her pizza garden and helping with farm maintenance and dahlia care at Two Pony Gardens.  I am thrilled to have found a fantastic volunteering opportunity here in DC: Three Part Harmony Farm.  My favorite soil is an ecosystem gifting glory that reminds you: what a part of things you are.

I was birthed as a poet by the Soulscribes at Dartmouth College, and toured the country competing in poetry slams and developing my voice with some amazing artists. After graduating, I was blessed to call Minneapolis, MN home for many years. A special thank you to 20% Theatre for hosting some of my favorite moments on stage. Since 2014, I’ve been so excited to live in Washington, DC.

My poetry has profane language, and is very queer. If you’re cool with that, CHECK OUT MY NEW ALBUM!!! Released 12/22/2016, Fairy Feather Files is a marimba and poetry adventure. It’s also available on Amazon and iTunes.

(A track list notating explicit poems and poems that include content regarding my personal sexual experiences is here for anyone who wants a heads up.)

Here’s the text. Because of my day job training to be a clinical psychologist, I censored all explicit sexual content of poetry posted on this site. I am very happy to share original work with you — please don’t hesitate to email me at

Poets: I’m always down to workshop, brainstorm, read everything we’ve ever written to each other, freewrite for minutes or hours, mess with whatever we take for granted, find honesty where we least expect it, cultivate creativity. I host a monthly “Poetry Dinner” — a gathering of queer poets and those who appreciate queer poetry. We typically meet the 3rd Saturday of the month for a potluck dinner. Find me on facebook or email me here and I’ll add you to the group!

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