Fairy Feather Files track list

  1. Mystical Threshold (feat. Nate Gebhard; Marimba improv)
  2. Claim Our Chaos*
  3. Lightening Through Teeth
  4. Log Home
  5. Accident Heartbreak*
  6. How to raise a child who will never doubt their worth
  7. Favorite Playground (feat. Nate Gebhard; Marimba improv)
  8. Family in Chaos*
  9. 3 years after death offered me lollipops soaked in chocolate*
  10. Virginity Waves (Marimba)
  11. How many lovers?*
  12. Cliff Jumping
  13. Body, What Stories? (Marimba improve)
  14. To the Male Gaze/ys – part 1*
  15. To the Male Gaze/ys – part 2*
  16. Fish Raining in the City (Marimba)
  17. What do you ejaculate and birth?*
  18. Ice melt (feat. Nate Gebhard)

*These poems contain profane language

These poems include content regarding Kris’s sexual intimacy

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